Water Filled Baby Teethers Food Safe Silicone Teethers

by Learn Pray Grow
Features: Using EVA resin, moderate hardness, feel comfortable Water teethers within the rigorous disinfection, health and safety Early baby teeth due to gum chewy like itching and burning hard, then you can crunch the FDA for the baby, can ease the discomfort when the baby teeth, and can massage the gums, the gums to promote infant development More suitable for three months and above baby use. How to use: Please wash with warm water before and after use and food grade cleaning agent and wipe with a clean towel to Before and after each use, carefully inspect, as the product is found signs of rupture, you should stop using Do not use boiling water, steam, microwave, dishwasher disinfection or cleaning Also prepare gutta different shapes used in turn, when one is in use, the other layer can be placed in the refrigerator (fresh layer) 1-2 hours a chance to use, can play analgesic effect, with better results Love Tip: Do not boil or microwave disinfection, also can not be placed in the refrigerator freezer The goods stored for a period of time, the water will evaporate within gutta part, it is a normal phenomenon. Please keep in a cool dry place when not in use Never use a rope tied to the baby teethers neck, in order to avoid accidents Not the gutta-percha into carbohydrate foods, which can cause the baby tooth decay